Stepping up to the plate, no matter if it is in sports or the game of life, takes guts.

Waking up and deciding to go to work is the action you must take in order to get better.

Coming prepared to play is the recipe to win, which is why athletes practice for weeks at a time for one event that lasts no more than 3 hours.

Conditioning yourself, is a set up for a superior performance.

If you are not practicing your craft, how are you going to improve?

The key thing to remember is that its not about where you are now…..because we all were an amateur at something. You decide if you will stay a beginner or continue to grow. 

When you decide to step your game up, you motivate others to do the same. Warning, it takes a lot of work to decide to no longer be average.

Come out swinging, and watch the home runs that come your way!



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